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Our Approach

We are seeking to meet with early stage food entrepreneurs.  We are seeking to identify opportunities that would meet the following criteria: 

  • The business is completely formed and established.  It has grown beyond just being a concept but is still in the early stages of its development 

  • There is a dedicated entrepreneur or team of entrepreneurs who are committed to the success of the business 

  • The product can be regarded as having unique characteristics in the market and can be easily differentiated. 

  • The product uses ingredients and processes that are consistent with the trend toward natural, sustainable and local. 

  • The entrepreneur(s) is open to sharing in the equity ownership of the business with outside investors 

  • The entrepreneur(s) is willing to have Hollymead Capital represent them in the market and participate in a wider brand management and development program that Hollymead Capital will oversee with their active participation. 

Once we agree to work together, we will focus on formulating both a capital development plan as well as a “go-to-market” plan.  

What We Offer

We have developed a network of individual investors and subject experts in just about every aspect of the food industry over the past ten years.  We are also building a formal network of regional angel investors in Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh ( and adding new cities as we speak.  Most important, we have excellent links to some of the largest regional players in both distribution and retail.   Once we are involved we can take your company to a fast track to growth.

Hollymead Capital - Growing Emerging Food and Beverage Companies


Interested in working with Hollymead Capital?  Click the button below to complete an application. 

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