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Glenn Ford


Glenn believes that existing business norms and economic models have failed inner city and rural communities and that new approaches rooted in business creation is the most aggressive means to improve conditions. Canvassing industry sector possibilities and his own experience, he concluded the best choice if you want to help residents of a neglected community is the food industry. The Food Deserts of America, Glenn sees as a perfect substrate that not only brings healthier food but can also serve to invigorate job creation. He further believes that food should not only nourish our bodies but should also nourish the viability of the communities where it is consumed. To him food ventures have opportunities that other industries simply do not have in their ability to help people gain valuable, beginning work experience, all the way to those possessing extended corporate or educational credentials. In essence he feels that underserved communities augmented with leadership and helping hands from those who have backgrounds like his own, can create sustainable livelihoods for others. All this can be accomplished out of current food consumption purchases already present in the marketplace. He has the plan that makes suppliers and producers out of neighborhood citizens and it starts with creating grocery stores and large-scale Aquaponics facilities.

Glenn has founded Praxis Foods the Holding Company, Praxis Marketplace the grocery store, and InCity Farms, an Aquaponics venture. These stores and collaborative ventures are meant to be a major catalyst in the economic development of underserved communities. He has gained the support of two major corporations that can assist his efforts substantially. As Founder and CEO of the company, he is building Praxis, to address these issues on a national basis. Glenn parlays a Masters Degree in Business from Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois, along with a B.S. Degree in Business, and a second B.S. Degree in Economics from Eastern Illinois University. He has held senior executive positions with PepsiCo, American Hospital Supply Scientific Products Division, Indiana National Bank, and Electronic Data Systems (EDS), along with entrepreneurial business and venture funded entities.

He has taught marketing at Concordia College as an Adjunct Professor, taught Fast-Trac to entrepreneurs at St. Thomas University, and also teaches the Emerging Leaders program for the SBA.

Using deep experience in the business functional areas of Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Business Development, his experiences gave him the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship within large companies where he created and lead their development efforts. His other experiences include turnarounds, small business creation, non-profits, the food industry, pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing, and a host of outside projects. When consulting, Glenn has particular skills and interest in investment banking, sustainability, and healthy food systems.

A skilled executive, he has been successful in a number of positions and roles. He brings experience with the strategic and operational requirements of very large companies as well as new venture development. Some of the positions held include:

  • Founder and CEO of Praxis Marketplace

  • Principal, Robin Hood Consulting Group

  • President & CEO, Kottos Inc.

  • President & CEO, Voyageur Software

  • Vice President of Pharmaceutical Strategy and Operations, EDS

  • Vice Present, New Concept Development, PepsiCo

  • Vice President, American Hospital Supply, Scientific Products Division (Now Baxter Healthcare)

  • Director of Marketing, Scientific Products

  • Investment Banker, Indiana National Bank

Glenn has also held seats on the boards of 20 small companies until most recently where he has chosen to focus on Praxis Foods. He has most recently discontinued his board positions with NEON, Goodwill/Easter Seals, Wholesome Wave, and Appetites for Change.

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